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RAB, Inc. Has Been a Leader in the Commercial Industry for 45+ Years.

As finance and credit professionals, RAB, Inc. takes pride in knowing that we can build a long-standing relationship with each of our clients. Choosing the right collection agency to represent your business is an important decision. 45+ years in business is an indicator of RAB’s commitment to our reputation and the reputation of our clients. Our philosophy exemplifies the fundamental belief that quality service comes from understanding each client’s needs and implementing solutions to increase our client’s revenue. Your business is important to our success, and our goal is to provide outstanding service while establishing a relationship that will give you confidence and security when placing accounts.

Proven Features Provided for our Clients in the Commercial Industry Include:

  • Experienced commercial collectors fully trained on FDCPA and other laws and regulations
  • Licensing and bonding
  • Competitive fees
  • Full service support with cutting edge technology
  • Bilingual collectors
  • A reputation within the commercial debt recovery community for ethics and integrity
  • A+ BBB rating

RAB is committed to high standards, state-of-the art technology, and an expert staff, enabling us to maximize recovery and increase revenue. We offer a comprehensive set of collection services that provide immediate results.


Credit Reports & Customer Profiling

RAB can provide Experian credit reports and has access to a collection database to help advise our clients. These tools are utilized by our clients when determining to extend credit to new/existing clients or when deciding if an account needs to be placed for collections.

Pre-Collect Services

RAB can act as an extended billing office and customize any process to meet the needs of a client’s current A/R procedures. Outsourcing debt saves our clients time and money by eliminating the hassle and expense of additional staff.

10-Day Free Demand Letter Service

RAB will send a 10-day demand collection letter to a client’s customer free of charge. Should the customer fail to pay in its entirety within these 10 days, RAB can initiate the debt collection process to collect the outstanding debt for you.

Standard Collection Services

RAB’s main goal is to collect your delinquent accounts while maintaining the relationship between you and your customer. When accounts are placed by you, our highly trained and motivated staff will immediately contact the customer to recover the outstanding debt on a contingency basis.

Infield Collections

In certain situations, a face-to-face collection effort can be extremely effective to resolve balance issues. RAB can examine why an account has not been paid and begin assistance to resolve the balance.

Legal Services

RAB employs in-house counsel and has access to a nationwide network of attorneys. We can offer legal services for filing lawsuits, liens, repossessions in addition to free legal advice to help our clients with difficult decisions.

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