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Why use a collection agency?

The advantages of using a collection agency are numerous. Usually a debtor or patient will cooperate with a collection agency even after other efforts have failed. This is because consumers and businesses know that collection agencies could affect their credit history. Additionally, third party collection agencies recovered approximately 55.2 billion in post commission debt in 2013 according to a study done by the American Collectors Association. Most companies and hospitals are too busy performing the day to day operations and so hiring an agency can increase the bottom line without the need to hire additional staff or add to operating expenses.

What should I look for when hiring an agency?

It is important to do your research. Verify how long an agency has been in business and the reputation they have in the industry. Knowing who you are working with and what experience, stability, integrity and professionalism they bring to the table is key when hiring an agency.

Is RAB a licensed and bonded agency?

RAB is licensed and bonded in all necessary states.

How will RAB communicate with me and how often?

RAB prides itself on strong business relationships. You will be assigned an account manager who is always available for any questions or concerns you may have. We can update any particular client as often as requested. RAB also offers a client portal so you can have real time access to see the status and any pending or current payments on each account placed.

How do you collect an account?

There are many variables that go into each account. RAB utilizes the tools and procedures that we have gained from being in the collection industry for over 45 years. RAB has determined the most effective collection processes through trial and error and will use our custom processes to get the most effective rate of return for our clients.

What type of information is needed to collect an account?

Initially, RAB requires the name of a debtor, address, balance and description of charges. Documentation to support a claim may be needed at some point in the process.

Are there any upfront costs or fees for collecting an account?

RAB collects on a contingency basis. We only get paid if we are successful. Many other agencies charge an upfront fee or require you to place a specified number of accounts on a monthly basis. RAB’s contracts do not contain any quotas or minimums. We do what is best for our client.

How do collections effect client relations?

Collection agencies can have negative connotations because of unethical procedures and policies used by the "bad apples". However, RAB employs ethical policies that work to keep or restore future relations with your clients. During our 45-year history, we have prided ourselves in the way we conduct business. RAB is a member of the local Better Business Bureau and our reputation for dealing with debtors and maintaining a high level of professionalism are one of the best in the industry. RAB understands the current economic climate and the relationship between a client and their customer. RAB will take a diplomatic approach when collecting an account treating every customer with dignity and respect while increasing your rate of return.

What if a customer refuses to pay?

RAB keeps a detailed report and all notes on every account placed for collection. If a debtor refuses to pay, our representative will assess whether the situation is worthy of legal action. If legal action is appropriate, we will contact you for approval and front all attorney fees and manage the entire litigation process. Nothing is pursued without a client’s permission.

How can you courteously collect an outstanding account?

RAB will employ every technique available to employ a diplomatic approach when collecting an account. Our goal is to treat every customer with dignity and respect and to help secure future relations between our client and their customer.

How do I know when you collect a payment on an account and when will I get paid?

All payments are immediately deposited into a state-regulated client trust account. The net amount due to your company on payments made in any single month will be notified and remitted to you based on your preference. RAB can notify and remit weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. We customize this option for each individual client based on your needs.

What is the average length of time it takes for an account to be collected?

RAB works efficiently to have a working resolution on accounts placed for collection in 5 to 30 days depending on the circumstances. RAB will use a campaign of telephone calls and a series of letters with strict adherence to the FDCPA to secure payment. Our goal is to never have an account take longer than 90 days in collections.

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