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When hiring a collection agency, it's important to know what you want to achieve. Debt collection agencies are focused on recovering any monies that are overdue from clients of your business.

The companies tend to reach out to collect your unpaid accounts in a range of ways. These can include using the telephone, writing letters or sending emails. In some extreme cases, debt collectors may even seek to use legal channels on behalf of a company.

If you have any doubts when hiring a collection agency, one thing is for sure: the method works. As a result, debt collection agencies can boast that they recoup tens of billions of dollars every year on behalf of their clients.


There are many reputable debt collection agencies, but there are good reasons why the industry as a whole has earned a bad reputation.

As with all aspects of life, a small minority of agencies create the bad impression. These are the ones who tend to rely on harassing, unscrupulous and even illegal tactics when they set about collecting money.

When hiring a collection agency, avoid the unscrupulous at all costs. These collectors may be successful, but the fallout of their techniques will reflect badly on your business. There are strict laws that surround the process of debt collection, and reputable agencies, like RAB, Inc. will adhere to them.


Too often people confuse debt collection agencies with firms of debt buyers. The two are distinct. Debt buyers buy debts for reduced prices — sometimes as little as pennies for each dollar — and can retain all the money that they collect.

On the other hand, debt collection agencies earn a percentage of the outstanding debt they can recover. They work for clients and don't own the debt. When debt collectors collect a debt, they pass the money to your company, minus a percentage.

When hiring a collection agency, it's important to research the competitors to determine which ones are good. It's also important to locate a debt collection agency with experience that is professional and knows your industry.

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